Fan club: why the football

Fan club: why the football scarf is the fashion set's star player this season

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Fan club: why the football scarf is the fashion set's star player this season

It’s probably safe to say that the football stadium isn’t your typical high-fashion field. On an average Saturday match day, the crowds are far more likely to be donning beer-and-burger-grease-stained polyester in the name of tribal affiliation than they are next-season Balenciaga. En masse, at least. But in fashion circles, one particular sporting icon has acquired a new fan club — the football scarf.

In line with the style set’s current appetite for the appropriation of lad culture — see Burberry- check caps, JD-fresh Reebok Classics and Ralph Lauren polo shirts — football scarves are becoming as common a sight in the queue for a £4 flat white as they are on the terraces. Of course, for the fashion pack — an aesthetically competitive team in a league of its own — this isn’t about showing the world whether you’re an Arsenal fan or a Chelsea supporter, but rather if you’re team Gosha or Stella (McCartney, not Artois).

Among the first to pitch the football scarf as a fashionable proposition was Vetements — a brand consistent at delivering agenda-setting curveball trends — which included an elevated version in its AW15 collection emblazoned with words such as “Paris” and “football scarf” written in Russian. More recently, the brand also unveiled its latest take on the trend, created in collaboration with Reebok, depicting red and yellow emoji faces and Free Hugs lettering. At between £421 and £790 a pop, Vetements’ versions are definitely not your average match-day merch but rather a signifier of the wearer’s street-style stardom.

This summer, Stella McCartney’s first foray into menswear also included her own take on a football scarf, available in cherry or lemon and proclaiming “Members and non-members only” in block capitals, while fellow football-scarf champion Gosha Rubchinskiy — a designer whose brand of post-Soviet sportswear has found cult appeal among alt-sartorialists — also showcased check and branded acrylic scarves (a comparative steal at £70) alongside adidas shirts that spelled out Football in Cyrillic. Of course, not all recent football scarf reinventions are motivated by fashionable intentions but by political ones too. As demonstrated by the recent Labour Party conference, where “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn”-branded football scarves were ubiquitous among supporters. In fact, so popular are the 15-quid scarves that in the campaign shop they’re available on back order only, with delivery taking up to 20 days.

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