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If there's one thing that fashion magazine articles tell us it's that a woman needs a 'crisp white' shirt in her wardrobe.

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This is the item that will take you from boardroom to bar by way of pina colada's on the beach .

And it's true. White shirts have contributed to many a fashion moment too, like Uma Thurman twisting in Pulp Fiction in her button-up shirt with her black bob and cool nonchalance. And Carolina Herrera who always looks impossibly chic in her wardrobe full of them. There's Marilyn Monroe busting out of hers on set, and Annie Hall pairing one so memorably with a vest and tie.

A white shirt will never let you down ... until you spill tomato sauce on it.

But will a plain old white shirt cut it anymore? Well, yes.

But shirting has gotten a little more directional over the past seasons. And this is a great thing, because a tricked-up shirt can be worn with just about anything and make you look super fashion.

At Anna Quan's dreamy MBFWA show this week the designer's signature oversize silhouettes and long sleeves featured banker pinstripes and contrast cuffs. There was a striking one-shouldered creation with folds of materials pinned just so, and an incredible puffed Little House on the Prairie-esque sleeve shirt-dress.

At Dion Lee, a designer who continuously re-thinks the shirt in interesting and covetable ways, proportions were played with in the shirting sent down the runway - for men and women - and at Christopher Esber shirts puffed up at the sleeves and off-the-shoulders were sharp and perfect for the woman who knows what she wants.

Plus there's loads of great options on the high street, especially at Zara. They don't call it 'Zeline' for nothing, friends.

For here's the great thing about interesting, and intricate shirting. The effect is languid and powerful - the art of 'un-wearing' a shirt - be it a bit unbuttoned, or half-tucked in, or slipping off the shoulder is the new power dressing.

So would we wear that?

Yes. A plain white shirt will always be a hero piece, but a shirt with interesting details - be it volume, pleating, asymmetry, anything! - will elevate your wardrobe.

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