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Snatched' Costume Designer Dresses Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn for a Vacation That Goes Horribly Wrong

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In Snatched, Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer portray mother-daughter vacationers who pack outfits for lounging by the pool and twerking, but also end up wearing them while trying to escape kidnappers in the jungle.

The actresses relied on Leesa Evans, who has emerged as the go-to costume designer for hip comedies such as Bridesmaids, Get Him to the Greek, Trainwreck, Zoolander 2 and the Neighbors franchise. In addition to using paint and batik to dirty the clothes for the film, which was directed by Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, 50/50) and written by Katie Dippold (Ghostbusters, Parks and Recreation), Evans also created an indigenous-style cloak that Schumer improvised a whole bit around, describing it as "something Kanye would design."

The bicoastal costume designer does double duty as a celebrity stylist, and counts Schumer and Russell Brand as clients. Before dressing Schumer in a custom Antonio Berardi dress for the film's premiere Wednesday in Los Angeles, Evans chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about her approach on the film, her KonMari-like philosophy to editing wardrobes in real life and the importance of wearing sweats.

What's your approach to dressing people who do physical comedy and sometimes don't care how they look as they try to make people laugh?

The approach is always to find the imperfectly perfect version of any character a comedian might play.

How did you dress Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer as mother-daughter?

Amy’s character goes off on different adventures, and Goldie’s character used to go off on different adventures but has now settled into being a homebody. Goldie’s character used to have cool things and we pulled from there. What did you used to wear when you went to South America in your twenties? ... I grew up in a family myself that traveled a lot. [Goldie’s] family traveled a lot. We had a similar viewpoint of people who traveled a lot in the 1970s and had cool vintage pieces. In the beginning, she wears these mukluk slipper socks. I remember having those as a kid. Her jacket when she first arrives at the hotel was reminiscent of a gauzy coat that my mother had when we were kids and she traveled to Colombia. It was really bringing these things back that I remembered.

Goldie also has such a boho personal style. Did you pull anything from her personal wardrobe for her character?

I didn’t pull anything from her personal wardrobe. But Goldie’s natural style helped influence who the character was and why she wore what she wore.

And for Amy's character?

She works in some sort of fashion retail place. She likes fashion. She has a little bit of fun with it. She wants to dress cool and have a rock 'n' roll boyfriend and all of these things. At first, when she goes on vacation, she takes all these things she would look really hip and cute in, like these flip-flops that were ridiculous for trekking in the jungle.

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