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The Cutout Trend Gives New Meaning to ‘Showing Skin’

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I thought I was imagining it when more and more people started wearing cutout sweaters. Apparently, the trend started gaining traction last year. (See: Balenciaga and Sonia Rykiel) And who could blame the people that started wearing them? It’s an appealing piece for any age group and it’s a great trick to show skin without revealing much.

Since then, the cutout trend evolved from just shoulders to the rib and waist area. So if you want to subtly show off your erogenous zones, we’ve got the pieces you can work with.

Zara Cut-Out Shoulders Sweater

In case you’re not up to speed with the trend yet, you can start with this cutout sweater from Zara. The holes on the shoulders is a nice way to highlight your collarbones and a bit of your shoulder blades.

LOST INK Cutout Hem Tee

Wear this top to your next beach trip or summer festival as it’s reminiscent of the fringed top (sans the actual fringe). The square cuts on the hems and light pink hue add a boho-chic feel to the look.

Rick Owens Cutout Swimsuit

Another way to take the trend to the beach is with this bold red swimsuit. On the front, the cuts show off the ribcage and waist. Meanwhile, it’s backless design frames the back and shoulder blades well.

Topshop Cutout Ribbed Bodycon Dress

Sometimes the cuts don’t have to be too blatant. Spot the small cuts below the cup area of this sky blue dress as they add contrast to the conservative-looking dress.

Rta Cut-Out Sweatshirt

This off-shoulder piece can be worn at semi-formal functions, or paired with a sports bra on your way to the gym. It’s also made with powder cotton so it’s lightweight and breezy for warm days.

Mango Vent Pencil Skirt

The trend isn’t just limited to tops and dresses. Slits are very much welcome as well. For a mix of sleek and sexy, opt for this pencil skirt from Mango which has a slit in the front.

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