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When Central Michigan University student Augusta Overy first started college

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When Central Michigan University student Augusta Overy first started college, she never thought about going into fashion or any creative field. This week she is graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor’s in fashion design and has created two collections of outfits, one of which won Collection of the Year at CMU’s Threads annual fashion show.

“It’s been a whirlwind couple of years, but I really feel like I’ve come into my own as a fashion designer in that time,” Overy reflected.

Overy’s journey had a bit of a rough beginning when she started out as a chemistry major at Brigham Young University in Utah. In high school she excelled in her math and science courses, but was not prepared for the advanced chemistry class the university assigned to her.

“So halfway through my first semester in that chemistry class I realized that I could not be a chemistry major,” she said.

This gave Overy an opportunity to reevaluate what she wanted. She decided to take a series of classes the following semester that would improve her GPA and help her discover her true calling. One of those classes was her first sewing class.

“I thought, ‘You know, why not?’ It seemed like a fun class, something to keep my mind off the tough classes I had. So I took it and I loved it.”

Overy had no previous sewing experience, but was a quick learner. She enjoyed wearing the four garments that she had made in her lessons; after six months of sewing courses, she made her own wedding dress.

“My husband thought I was crazy. But when I walked out in it, he was like, ‘Wow! She can do some great work.’”

Soon after, her husband was offered a job at The Dow Chemical Co. and they moved to Midland three years ago. By that point, Overy had taken as many sewing classes at BYU as she could, thinking she could get a tailoring job or perhaps perform alterations. The couple had been living in Midland for about a year when Overy met a woman who knew a student who had graduated from the fashion program at CMU. Her interest piqued, Overy enrolled at the university and arranged for her credits from BYU to be transferred.

The past year alone has been a great resume-building experience she said, since she has been involved with several different projects.

One endeavor came about through a partnership between CMU and Spectrum Health Innovations. One of Spectrum’s clients, an alumna of CMU, was a breast cancer survivor in need of a thermal bra. Overy was part of a team of fashion and entrepreneurship majors and business partners who worked together to create a thermal bra that could be eventually released on the market.

The idea behind the project was that mastectomy patients, especially those who had undergone prosthetic reconstruction, often feel cold because the implants are not able to retain body heat. The team brought together their business and fashion skills to design and eventually market the bra. Although Overy does not wish to reveal any trade secrets about the material used, she acknowledged that two prototypes were designed, one focusing on insulation, the other with a low-permeable material.

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