Winning hairstyles

Winning hairstyles to take on the marathon

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You've done your training, got your game plan and psyched yourself up, but have you fixed your hair? Ahead of the marathon we thought we'd take care of the last bit of beauty detail so that you can cross the finish line with hair looking just as triumphant as you.

Here, Adam Reed and Luke Hersheson turn their attention from runway to runner's way with the best sprint-friendly hairstyles to help make marathon day a good hair day.

The Halo Braid

Reed explains,"Because when you're running, a soft halo braid means you'll never have sweaty hair falling onto your face. This time however, it shouldn’t be ethereal or tight, instead you want the pull-factor somewhere in between - clean but not tight. Plus, once you've crossed the finish line you can take it all down and it looks really, really good. This is by far the best hair-do for long hair, as it doesn't pull or get weighed down by bulk."

The Super Pony

"Again, what you don't want is hair flapping around your neck," explains Reed, "so tie the pony and double it over, like a cross between a ponytail and a bun. It's a good choice because you don't need to put pins in, which can poke your skin while you're running or fall out. You also don't need product, which ideally you want to avoid so that it doesn't run into your eyes as you start to sweat around the running course."

The High Pony

"If a pony is tied up high enough you won't risk hair sticking to the face. Too low and hair gets stuck on your neck, which isn't great when you're running. Plus it looks great when you're moving," says Reed.

The Crop

"The most hassle-free do for the marathon? The crop," advises Reed.

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