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Human Billboard Walking Billboards LED Tipe A

SKU: WB-01.
Many business owners think that advertising is like going to the dentist: something you just need to do every six months. But when the advertising is continuing and focused, the business become easier. If potential customers have a positive view of their products and their reputation before you call them or before they start to buy, you have a much better chance of closing a sale.
Also new for ongoing advertising is that it is not tied to a price tag. It is only to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 120X60X4 CM
Single gross weight: 22.0 KG
The Walking Boards are new media for outdoor advertising! It’s Sample, Convenient, Mobile, Economic.

The Walking Boards are brought up to date by introducing a new design concept and internal LED illuminated backlighting.

The Walking Boards can move to anywhere as your men want to go!!!
Walking mobile billboard, internal LED illuminated backlighting – up to 8 hours of Battery Life

Product include backpack strap, rechargeable battery, charger, carry bag

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