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The Most Stylish Non-Fashion Guy Outfit You Can Wear Right Now

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Justin Bieber’s style is not usually what you’d call low-key (his denim collection would make a 25-year-old feel old) but yesterday in Perth the pop star’s off-duty outfit was surprisingly sophisticated. In fact, it was probably the most stylish non-fashion outfit a man can wear right now, comprised of four relevant-right-now staples that have also been around forever. Bieber wore the look for a ride on his Harley and, while motorcycles have a way of making everything look cooler, he still looked infinitely more stylish than the average biker.

Start with black chinos and a navy striped T-shirt from whatever brand you favor—like Dickie’s or Carhartt and Armor-Lux—then add a pair of white slip-on Vans to keep the whole thing sporty and spring-appropriate. Finish the look with a navy Harrington jacket in a practical fabric like cotton or nylon. A well-fitting jacket like this will not only add some warmth, but also provide a tailored element to the look that makes it more polished. A good haircut, like Bieber’s freshly shorn, bleach-blond look, certainly doesn’t hurt either.

While we wish Justin Bieber would dress like this more often, we aren’t holding our breath. A man who parties in a hooded fur coat is not a man who is content to wear chinos every day. As for the rest of you, well, feel free to make this most stylish look your go-to for casual Friday this spring. Bonus points if you've got a bike to break out too.

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