Editor-in-Chief Deborah Needleman Departs T Magazine

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Editor-in-Chief Deborah Needleman Departs T Magazine

Deborah Needleman is departing The New York Times.

Needleman, who joined T: The New York Times Style Magazine as editor-in-chief in October 2012, is leaving after four years, according to a Monday memo from NYT executive editor Dean Baquet.

"During her four years as editor of T, Deborah Needleman has turned the magazine into a wildly creative mix of design, literature and high style. It is vital to our coverage of fashion and culture," wrote Baquet.

He continued: "So I'm sorry to report that Deborah has decided to leave us. I'll let her tell you what she will do next, but it mainly consists of taking a break and enjoying more of the world that T so vibrantly covers." The Times has yet to announce who will succeed her.

"It would have been enough for T to be just aesthetically pleasing, a place for great photography, stunning interiors. But Deborah turned it into something much more," said Baquet. "It featured — even championed — artists whose work could be difficult. It discovered writers and published poetry. Under Deborah, T ceaselessly explored the landscape of art and culture."

For her first issue, Needleman secured Lee Radziwill, sister of former first lady Jackie Kennedy, who is known to be extremely private, on the cover with an accompanying interview.

Needleman previously served as editor-in-chief at WSJ magazine from 2010 to 2010 before joining T.

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